Beginning at sixteen to walk a path which they'd deemed
One sounded by music, offering riches in dreams
A place of their own where they'd craft out a sound
A place where one-two future souls would be found

Paths crossing each others in 2 double-0 3
Both sharing ideals they soon joined company
Two talented producers who promise to take us
On journeys created by the co.LABoRATorS





Mike Craske is the Kemikal, DJ and producer
Beat mixing and making, a music infuser
A deck master wizard, dropping tunes so infectious
When he cracks a new track, trust me: go check this


Hip-Hop, d'n'b and house influence
Hard rock, R'n'B and classical meant
Their sound would be spun on a spectrum of sonic
Atmospheres fused together and bound electronic


Jon Letts it be known he's Chrome Devil 22
Killa guitarist tuned to rock, rhythm 'n' blues
A classical ear and hard rock band vocalist
Experimental producer of weird music twist

Then creating a mission in music accepted
To engineer beats, lace with lyrics and mix it
Once each track is polished, completed, released
Check out their site: download, listen and feast!




Kemikal and Chrome Devil (Pinky and The Brain remixed)

co.LABoRATorS: MySpace