Will Power


Preparing my peace, tasting thoughts with my tongue,

side-stepping defeat I talk 'n' tie you undone;

avoid it you can’t;

blinded by the dazzle of my lyrical dance:

stand frozen you still

but still thinking you stand to dictate me my will

Taught blade of thought deeper and sharper,

my laughter lasts longer

but yet you contest who’s mentally stronger:

wrong t’claim victory so easily

as though you pre-season to me;

I'm champion champin’ the bit to teach a quality unknown

you think I knew-not yet know-not my talent

and ram it home, ram it,

I will ‘til you feel reality sink in,

realisin’ you can’t swim as you drown in my crownin’

'n' down in the books I write history

breathed life in me peacefully;

as I tend t'my studies to colour my matter,

to contrast my patter, my vocab gets fatter

as I dine on Thesaurus, ignoramus ignore this:

keep plodding along to extinction

and imagine you lack in direction.

Photograph: Fireworks, Chinese New Year 2005, Singapore