Think a Thought


Think a thought to think:

that which I am is YOUnique.


Spiritual being called human who knew then

 life experience defines reality chosen,

and knows now what it is to be alive;

to strive and touch perfection untouched.

Resurrection of the soul which never dies

but tries infinite ways to define

what it means to be creator of destiny.

Inner peace will reach within our world,

healing hurt created through fear unfounded,

annihilating war and misery that clouds

a perfect world populated by imperfect thoughts.

The race to enlightenment as a people is not a race,

but a journey made together

as brothers, sisters get twisted on truth;

reality realised with minds who think another way,

choosing thoughts civilised;

or dies our future as each bullet penetrates and deadens hope.

Question why. Or choose ignorance; 

imposed indoctrination stealing our reason for existing:

to think as individuals and about those around us.

Consciousness finds time to be as one;

not separate against another,

but to love upon each other.

        Hate hath no place where we are destined.

Fate decided? Open minds and find it.

Through technology, global thoughts shared instantly;

united as the love of power that drives us, falls asleep;

crashing: smashing oppression.

New leaders obsess about the power of love:

the universal language to bind us free...

Photograph: White Sand dunes, Mui Ne, Vietnam