Theory of Everything

Physical brilliance imprisoned in mind,
the time of a genius captured in rhyme;
his rhythm of thoughts transferred through space,
confronting humility and saving face.
Man's quest for truth that keeps us searching,
keeps us learning, keeps us yearning
to discover a universal truth
that lives within all life, all walks, all talks
all thoughts that exist to be realised,
given voice and heard by laymen that wonder why
and why we wonder about the wonder all around.
Black holes abound and found all over:
a supernova knowing something but keeping less,
the event is kept on bright horizons;
the light we lost just slept, awakes:
creates a moment to dream its flight
and breathe new ideas into life
that weave and dive through stubborn thoughts
not quite right but refuse to die,
the truth it finds new ways to fly -
inspire new thoughts in great minds alike
(yet different thinking)
as we tinker with the tinkering
of the tinkerer who tinked and tinks,
until the tinkerer's thoughts we think we think:
life's a journey to be experienced...
can its meaning be but a single thing?