Silent Voices


So many voices talking without saying a thing,

do they think before thinking of rhetoric to spin?

Lying is needed to hoodwink the people;

do we believe all their lies 'n' excuses so feeble?

We don’t but can’t stop them commanding, we're asking:

"Why don’t you hear us?" They fear us. Ignore us.

Dictating our freedom and how we should live,

spreading hate like a virus, their decisions     they bind us;

we search for role models to emulate 'n' escape

a path unexciting as this life nine t’ fivin'

where the masses are trained to be good little workers,

who not threatening with thoughts, that's when they trust us.

Feeding lies to the media that guides us along,

no defence but more lies when we protest that they're wrong;

here’s the proof: paper read it, TV see it,

so believe it, don’t question their judgement, just leave it,

keep trusting the lies of truth-twisting liars

(ignoring hopes echoed by musicians 'n' writers)

denying real truth ‘cos it will mean that our leaders

 admit they mislead us with the lies they spoon feed us.

Hoping freedom in truth is foolish no longer,

Joe Public grows stronger;

Tony 'n' Walker go walking ‘n’ wonder,

and how wonderful it’ll be to see both of 'em leave;

continually lying and trying t' deceive,

by spinning half truths and weaving whole lies

around wherefores and whys:

our freedom is threatened by an axis of evil

that’ll be all our downfall

unless we pre-empt, Bush the button and strike them.

But wait, stop a minute and ponder on this:

why attack only one who maybe has this

feared weapon, Armageddon, but negotiate with mad men

who say yes they have and they’re willing to use ‘em

and I’m confused by the facts and the logic they’re using,

justifying lies, substantiating false meanings

and I keep meaning to ask if they think we’re that stupid,

stealing 2000 to win but since ’94 lost it:

Lone Star Guv’nor, George, your agenda has deemed

gun promoting okay as you signed Bills for friends;

preaching more guns reduce violence!

NRA benefits and becomes your defence;

you watered down taxes where Rich money reigns,

poor El Paso lost lives as nuclear waste gained.

But don’t think you can silence ideas which we've weaved

and know there are those who can lead us, believe,

to start talking, not warring and fuel hate propagating

'tween beliefs that are different and vastly wide ranging.

People stand, look up and change direction we're heading;

let feet be our voices that together are deafening.

So many voices talking without saying a thing.


Photograph: Tony Blair & George Walker Bush