Soul relaxed, thoughts I scribe in scribble

as I write my mind in time to the beat of my unconscious potential

within which I swim;

searching for truth;

an explanation;

but all I’m offered is experience; emotions to feel as I steal your gaze.

Unfazed by ignorance, hopeful of answers;

but instead another question.

So it’s a test then?

Yet who will answer, award us praise, when we are right?

The same who that will not punish when we are wrong.

What is right?

What is wrong?

Your perception it depends upon, yet so many views confuse;

but choose to change means change your choice:

the choice is yours for choosing.

Choose hope: not be struck dumb by fear and hate;

instead defend, my friend, against tyranny, oppression;

armed with a quick wit to inflict the outcome as peace,

as negativity is positively fleeced from our psyche.

I question thee as I question me, and question me you should.

And back: to me, to you…

in awoken spiritual equilibrium, dancing God’s dream.

Now to bed let nightmares rest.


Photograph: Watery shadow; Fairy Spring, Mui Ne, Vietnam