Nature of Reality...explained









don't know.

But wait,

maybe I do?

Sleight of hand:

Figure i it is everywhere.

Unseen by lost eyes searching,

blinded by a simple brilliance of thought disguised.

Soaked in water and form changed by winds,

fired by imagination and coded in the seeds of Spring's eternal flowering beauty.

Naturally we seek answers to life's infinite questions attempting to colour our understanding,

our human nature following religion and inventing science to teach living with discipline and truth to guide our free will thinking.


Thoughts which have fallen in love with a wiser wisdom inspire an unthought controversial ideology to question previously accepted philosophical truths, envisioning a future without suffering which is threatened by a past infested with society's failure to agree upon a universally acceptable truth and perpetually riddles the comprehension of the thinkers in search of enlightenment.

Seeking love/God/Allah/Brahman/Buddha/Krishna/...The Second Coming, change, answers to questions, more time, fame & fortune, notoriety, happiness, desperately, anything but loneliness as we live our lives breathing, living, loving, dying;
finding something, nothing, everything, rejection, pleasure, wonder, despair, intolerance, understanding, sinners, saints, questions, answers, more questions, less time, time saving devices, failure, success, misery, ecstasy, taxation, debt, credit, addiction, experience, great times, hard times, worse times, better times, a tenner in the gutter, luck, the lady's fickle, desire, control, friendship, trust, betrayal, forgiveness, love, myself.